Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's the Deal with Black Jeans?

     First, I have to say that I love Romance Novels and this is in no way meant to criticize the market as a whole.

     That being said, I've noticed a disturbing trend in the roughly 400 books I've read in the last two years. Insomnia. It's good for something, right? I'm wondering if the fashion trends bother anyone else.

     What's the deal with all these characters wearing black jeans? Have you known anyone outside of 1991 to wear a pair of black jeans? Seems like every bad-ass in every Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy has some unnatural fondness for this cringe-worthy and dated fashion trend.

     If you tell me the character is wearing black leather pants, black cargo pants, even black slacks, I think "Okay, this guy's dark and mysterious. He can save me any day."

     You tell me he's wearing black jeans and, God forbid, black tennis shoes, and I'm thinking "Ewww... what's this guy gonna do? Beat the evil doers over the head with the steering wheel club he just pulled outa the POS car he's also clung to for twenty years too long? No thanks."

     Now for the TMI portion of the show.

     What is up with every heroine in every romance novel having some 1970's afro below-the-belt? I don't know any woman under the age of sixty who walks around with an un-landscaped bush.

     Honestly... "her triangle of golden curls" and "her glistening curls". Just, gross. Or what about when the guy is "threading his fingers through her curls". Ummmm.... how long are these things?!

     I'm just wondering what I'm missing here. Am I the only one bothered by books that were published recently and still have their heroes running around in black jeans and their ladies sitting on a pile of pubes?