Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday's Gone... well, not quite yet.

Words Written Today: 1,600

Currently Working On: Surprisingly Supernatural, Chapter 10

Interference: 2 crying babies, Brownies (the magical fae housekeepers not the sweet treats) who were a no-show for the millionth day in a row!

Surprisingly Supernatural Excerpt of the Week

Elaina narrowed her eyes, taking him in from head to toe and back again.
“What happened to your pajamas?” She asked, waving at his jeans and t-shirt. “Not that I’m complaining.”
“Yeah, you know. The white flowing mess you were wearing out here yesterday.”
“Those are not pajamas,” he said with every bit of indignation he felt. “Those are the customary robes of the Elves.”
Elaina snickered. “Elves? Oh please tell me you’re part of one of those lame live action role playing groups that meet in the park to parry with cardboard swords.”
Ellis simply stared back at her like she’d lost her mind.
“A costume? Is that what you’re saying? Because there are no such things as Elves.”
At his returned frown, Elaina wiped her hands over her face. Oh just my luck. The one gorgeous guy in this town is insane.
“Ellis, she does not believe in our kind.”
Elaina searched for the voice and found a man who looked too much like Ellis to be unrelated sitting on a tree branch high above her head.
“Jesus! Ellis, are you multiplying? I know I haven’t gotten you wet. Have you eaten after midnight?”
Emile’s laughter consumed her for a moment with its rich lyrical quality.
Ellis shuffled his feet in a nervous gesture that seemed totally at odds with his broad squared shoulders and high-held chin. Deciding he had no idea what Elaina was referring to, he’d rather keep quiet than quip the wrong response.
“My dear, Ellis isn’t quite familiar with cult classics. However I do agree he can sometimes be grumpy as a Gremlin. Like right now for example,” Emile replied from his perch.
“I think I might just like you,” Elaina said to the man in the tree.

Today's Favorite Creature 
Steampunk Bullet Bugs by Arthrobots.com