Saturday, June 11, 2011

Electrical Underload

Words Written Today: 678

Interference: A lightening storm knocked our power out for twelve hours in the middle of the day on Friday. Kinda hard to use the computer with no power! Plenty of time to think and sweat though.
 With the power being out and the kids actually taking naps, I had the chance to read Shadow Walker by Allyson James. This book along with Hit List from L.K. Hamilton definitely worked as a palate cleanser for me.

What is a literary "palate cleanser"? It's all that is supremely well-written, with perfect words, a clear plot-point and decent editing. I often turn to some of my favorite authors after I've read a book that I dislike. Sometimes the grammar is off, maybe the plot is shallow or the writing just plain all-around sucks.

I cannot write, I refuse to allow myself to write, one single word in whatever story I'm working on directly after having read a disappointing book. Maybe I'm afraid bad writing is contagious and it'll leak from the book I read onto my own written pages. I will be adding both Hit List and Shadow Walker to my "palate cleanser" list.