Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Character Collage for Inspiration

Simply Chic

To get closer to one of the characters I'm currently writing I came up with this collage of images. If you've never been to Polyvore, check it out. It's super easy to use and has an infinite amount of images. I'd love to see a few of my favorite authors do a collage for their characters. Dante Baptist from the Maker's Song series by Adrian Phoenix?? Yes, please!

Floral print dress
$65 -

Kelly Ewing ivory evening dress
$125 -

Summer boots
$90 -

Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp
$349 -

Bird Cage Bookends
$48 -

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sinful Southern Ink, Release Date July 6th, 2012

Sinful Southern Ink
by S.J. Drum
Ellora's Cave, July 6th, 2012

Abigail Hart moved to Clifton, Tennessee to escape the stigma of being the daughter of a murderer. To reinvent herself, she left her old name and terrible childhood memories to rot along with the shitty trailer she’d once called home. When her violent past catches up to her, there’s only one person Abigail can trust with the truth. Too bad he demands her heart—and her body—in the bargain. 

Jed Weston is a tall, hard, country boy with dangerous cowboy charm and piercings in all the right places. As Abigail’s partner in her tattoo and piercing shop, he’s kept things between them on a strictly professional level. Seeing her vulnerable, wary, and hurting, opens his eyes to the woman he’s seen only as a friend for so long.

Jed’s jealous ex-girlfriend, a nosy reporter, and a potential father-in-law on death row won’t keep him from the woman who makes him hard at the very sight of her, the woman who provokes every protective instinct within him. Nothing will keep Jed Weston from catching—and keeping—the woman he loves.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Surprisingly Supernatural Set to Release August 1st, 2012

 My Urban Fantasy novel set in Yellow Springs, OH is coming this summer! I'm so excited!

When Elaina moves to Yellow Springs after the death of her parents, she discovers her mother’s life was steeped in secrets and there’s something very strange about the town and its residents. There’s a pixy clan taking up residence in her inherited home, a gorgeous but strange elf bent on making her his, and a handsome, troubled man who seems to be able to read her mind. Thrust into a supernatural war, Elaina’s forced to choose sides between the two men who’ve begun to mean everything to her.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer 2012 Perfect Gifts for Writers, Ladies Edition

This post is for anyone wondering what to get their writerly wives, girlfriends, in-laws, sisters, etc. Writers can be secretive, picky, and obsessive. We're a hard group to buy for! Below are some ideas for all the clueless husbands, friends, and relatives out there despairing over what to give the lady writers in their lives during Spring/Summer 2012.

Quirky, unique, and USEFUL. This pen can also be engraved with a name or special message. $30

Many lady writers are also mothers which makes taking time out to write a minefield of guilt and stress. Packing up the laptop to escape the house for a few hours of children free work can be anything but fun. Make it more pleasurable with a cute, trendy laptop sleeve your lady will be proud to plunk down on a tiny table inside a crowded cafe. $95

This is a wonderful, whimsical bracelet with photos of famous authors on each piece. I can see wearing this and looking to the faces for support and inspiration whenever I think "Can I really do this writing thing?" The answer, "Yes! All of the people on my bracelet did! I can too!" $30


You'd be surprised how much this gift will mean to your writer friend. Find a passage in your friend's book or work-in-progress that describes a main character and have an artist draw a portrait from the description. College kids can be amazingly good at this and they come cheap! You can also find wonderful fan fiction artists on DeviantArt. No gift will mean more.


Of course, you can't go wrong with things like laptops, writer programs like Scrivener, gift certificates to Zazzle or Cafe Press for promotional items, or paying conference fees. Romantic Times, Horror Fest, Fantasy Writers Con, Romance Writers of American, Comic Con...if there is a genre, there's a convention for it where your writer can market, mingle, and become inspired.