Sinful Southern Ink


"I wanted more, more, more of sweet talking, charming Jed Weston, his barbell ALL the right places...and his sexy tattoos!! This is a spicy read, but I wouldn't say it's erotic. However, the relationship that ensues between Jed and Abigail, owner of the tattoo shop where Jed works, was sweet, heated, a little angsty and developed quite nicely. It was a satisfying read, but could have been fantastic, had it been longer. It had all the right ingredients and I was sad to turn the final page and leave Jed and Abbey behind." 
"Sinful Southern Ink by S.J. Drum was such a pleasure to read. Although Jed & Abigail have been working together for three years, it's never gotten past a professional relationship. Plus, Abigail is Jed's boss so pursuing any type of relationship with her is strictly forbidden. However, one night Jed encounters a drunk Abigail drinking away the news of her deceased father. He can't help, but take her home & nurse her until she feels better. As these two spend time together, feelings start to change and soon they both realize that what they wanted was right in front of them all along."

"S.J. Drum has spun a romantic & sexy tale with Sinful Southern Ink. Jed and Abigail were both engaging characters. Jed was just an all-around sexy sweetheart & Abigail was a great & strong heroine considering all the things she'd seen & went through as a child. And besides, who doesn't love a tatted & pierced guy with a heart of gold?! The storyline & plot were also well-developed. The pace was just perfect; it didn't feel rushed or too slow. I devoured this story in an hour because I couldn't make myself put it down. Overall, I highly enjoyed Sinful Southern Ink! It was an engaging, sexy, & all-around feel good romance. With that said, highly recommend!"
Book Blurb:

Jed Weston is a tall, hard country boy with dangerous cowboy charm and piercings in all the right places. As Abigail’s partner in her tattoo and piercing shop, he’s kept things between them on a strictly professional level. Until Abigail’s violent past catches up with her and she seeks his comfort—comfort that leads to an intense emotional and sexual connection neither can ignore. Jed’s jealous ex-girlfriend, a nosy reporter, and a potential father-in-law on death row won’t keep him from the woman who makes him hard at the very sight of her. Nothing will keep Jed Weston from catching—and keeping—the woman he loves.

Available on Amazon and B&N. Release Date: July 6th, 2012.  

*Note from S.J. Drum 7-12-2012*

I'm thrilled everyone wishes this story was longer. You will all be happy to know, the second in the series will be a full length novel instead of a novella. If I would have known I'd receive such an overwhelming response and interest, I would have made Sinful Southern Ink full-length.

The interest in Sinful Southern Ink has been humbling and inspiring, to say the least. This book is the first in the Sinful South Series.

The second in the series, tentatively titled SINFUL SOUTHERN HERO, I'm nearly finished writing now. I expect it will be out late this year or early next year. S.J. Drum