Monday, April 14, 2014

Emotional Existence

Another poem from a dark time in my life I'm incredibly glad has long sense passed me by.

by S.J. Drum

This damned emotional existence
Has plagued me with its persistence
Love I have grown to hate
For saving me it's far too late
All I want is to just not care
Please, please strip my soul bare
Keep me from my impending mistakes
Tear my heart away from all the fakes
It's always too early and usually too late
The right time is a mystery belonging to the wizard of fate
It makes me nauseous thinking of your forceful indifference
The way you oppose love with such resistance
I wonder if I've ever been wanted
Or if the love I felt was always a lie
Like the dream of child who believes she can fly

Thursday, April 3, 2014


This is a poem I wrote nearly a decade in the past when I was struggling with some personal demons. 

by S.J. Drum

I imagine finding my place in the world
A cozy nook where I can settle in
Letting the graces of the tides carry me

I've imprisoned myself
Inside this life I've made
A butterfly trapped in their cacoon
My prison becomes smaller by the hour
Pressing against me with more force
I struggle
Trying to tear free
My entrapment is too strong
It's ironic, my imminent death
To die trapped in a web I wove

I'm exhausted now
Tired of fighting
Tighter and tighter, the walls press

It's choking me now
I can't get a breath
It's hold relaxes and I know
It won't last long

Monday, March 31, 2014

Death by ...

This poem is one of many I wrote in my early twenties when I was struggling with some very dark personal demons. 

Death by Deserted Island
by S.J. Drum

I think I may just disappear
My belongings and I will vanish
As if a magician on a stage has just
Thrown a sheet over me
There would be no smoke cloud, no applause
I would simply be gone

I may be the talk of the town
Where did she go?
They would ask
Only once or twice, I fear
Then a day, a month, three months gone
I would have vanished from even their thoughts

How long would it take, I wonder
For the world to forget me
A few people might allow my image
To linger in their mind after a year
And when they passed away
I would go with them

Once or twice I would send a postcard
Blank, with only the scent of coconut
To lead them to the source

Maybe I will
Death by deserted island

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In a Poetic Mood

by S.J. Drum

There are three kinds
Three kinds of doors in my mind

Doors always locked
Caution tape surrounds them

Doors left open, always
Drafts and dust flow freely through them

Doors revolving
Open, closed, open, closed ... open

Have you seen me? 
The better me?
The me I'm supposed to be? 
I can't find her. 

Every once in a while I go
Looking for her
I tear down the caution tape
Bust open the doors
Put padlocks on previously open
Block the revolving doors ajar

Sit and wait

Where is she?
The me I'm supposed to be
Have you seen her?

I see her occasionally
She comes and goes 
A stranger brushing against 
Me in the street
Taking my breath
Holding it
Just long enough to make my chest

Her face changes, minute to minute
Year to year
Much like mine

Is she the me, for you, I'm supposed to be? 
Is she the me I yearn to be?
The me I was? 
The me I am?

I put the caution tape back in place
Cut the padlocks and pull the door
She's a warning, I think 

Her hair shaggy, sun-stained
Her skin weathered and warm
She moves with an effortless grace

Have you seen her?
The me I'm supposed to be?
She has a smile on her face
When I meet her
She knows something I've yet to find

I saw her once, like I do from time to time

I held my breath 
before she could steal it
And watched her
Walk away
Escaping me
To nowhere and everywhere 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Book Page Christmas

It's no secret I have an obsession with anything book page art related. So, I thought, why not have a book page themed Christmas? Here are some great ideas to make your book page Christmas come to life. All images link to their original site. 

1. Book Page Wreath

2. Book Page Gift Wrapping

3. Book Page Ornaments and Decor

4. Book Page Christmas Cards