Sunday, April 27, 2014

Little Art Theatre, Yellow Springs

Whenever I discover an extravagant treat so close to home I feel equal parts disappointment and awe. Disappointment because I've lived so near something awesome and never taken advantage of it and awed because I now know of what seems like my town's best kept secret.

When my family decided to take in a movie at the Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs on Saturday night I was expecting musty smelling, dirty seats in that state of disrepair most small town movie theaters built more than five years ago quickly attain. I expected sticky floors and a bathroom just north of disgusting. What I found was something entirely different.

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The Little Art Theatre has undergone an amazing renovation. Instead of stale and dilapidated the lobby was at once both reminiscent of Old Hollywood and modern zen. A theater where you can get bulk candy AND beer on tap? Yes! 

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The staff was happy and helpful despite our two small children who were so excited for their first movie experience they were behaving like they'd recently consumed five pounds of candy and had never before set foot inside a public establishment. 

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The theater seats, instead of being worn, smelly, nubby feeling cloth were supple, smooth and clean. They were wide enough for extra comfort and the movable armrests with cup holders are great. About halfway through the movie my kids raised their armrests and turned the entire row into a giant comfy sofa perfect for watching the Lego Movie as a family. 

*Avaleigh Drum*
The restroom was incredible. The popcorn and specialty soda, delicious. The price was comparable to any big chain theater but the ambiance screamed "exclusive". If you haven't been to the renovated Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs, do yourself a favor and make plans to take in a movie there. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Sinful South Series by S.J. Drum

8 books contracted by Ellora's Cave Publishing

Book One: Sinful Southern Ink, Release Date: July 2012

Book Two: Sinful Southern Hero, Release Date: November 2013

Book Three: Sinful Southern Rider, Release Date: Summer 2014