Friday, November 30, 2012


This year, I decorated our Christmas Tree with an assortment of DIY ornaments with steampunk and alchemy flair. This was surprisingly simple and inexpensive to create. I found everything at a local craft store and assembly took less than two hours. *Caution: If you're using magnifiers as ornaments, assemble your tree in an area of your home without direct sunlight.*

Materials: Large Felt Top Hat, Pearl Strands, Plastic Sand Art Bottles in various sizes with Cork Tops, Skeleton Key Ornaments, Various Magnifying Glasses, Food Coloring, Water, Bronze Craft Wire

 This top hat is not the $20 "christmas tree top hat tree topper" found at retail stores. I bought a $4 large felt top hat at the craft store and added some red ribbon and holly, sat it on top of the tree and viola! A Top Hat Tree Topper

I created different sizes, colors, and designs of "alchemy potion vials" by filling plastic sand art bottles and test tubes (sand art bottles were $0.50 each and test tubes can be found for $9 per 10 pack) with food coloring and water, then wrapping each tube in a flexible, bronze craft wire. Super easy! 

I found several antique looking pocket watches on clearance for $5. They made perfect accessories for my steampunk tree and I can use them for other things through out the year. 

Various sizes and styles of magnifiers complete the look. If using magnifiers as ornaments, make sure to keep your tree in an area of your home without direct sunlight or keep your shades drawn to avoid fire hazards. I found a three pack of magnifiers for $2 at the craft store

My kids love this tree, especially the magnifiers which are super fun to look through. The potion vials are non-toxic, being only water and food coloring, so they're safe if the kids get curious and open them... which they will not do because I told them the potions would turn them into spiders. Ha!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

History of an Author

During the Second Grade, my class was given the task of writing a story for a homework assignment. Me? I wrote a book. Then, I begged my mom to type it up, bind it and laminate the cover. I even illustrated the entire thing, every page, with colored pencils. 

Last week, my mother found this book, still intact, in a box in her basement. Without further fanfare, here it is... Complete with poorly illustrated cat nipples, spelling errors, grammar mishaps, random POV shifts and a convoluted plot about a promiscuous lady cat, a randy tom cat, and the offspring they sired. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stuck In Books: Caged in Myth by J.T. Fairfield ~ Spotlight, inter...

Stuck In Books: Caged in Myth by J.T. Fairfield ~ Spotlight, inter...: Add to Goodreads From Goodreads LGBT Upper YA Urban Fantasy *CAUTION : This title contains cursing, graphic violence, and reference...

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Very Steampunk Christmas: How To

For those of you, like me, who are looking for ways to Steampunk-ify their Christmas this year... 

BEHOLD : Steampunk Christmas 
Examples and Ideas

With a little modification, this DIY gift / stocking stuffer could be very Steampunk.

A Very Important Date pocket watch. Use pocket watches as tree ornaments.

Wrap these test tubes in copper colored wire, fill with colored water, and hang on your tree for quick and easy DIY Steampunk ornaments.

To keep up with all my Old World / Steampunk Christmas and Holiday finds, follow my board on Pinterest.