Monday, June 6, 2011

Manuscript Reqested!

Last year I finished my first novel, A Life Beyond Yesterday.


Young mother and recent widow, Amelia Gauge, moves cross-country with her son in search of a new life in my novel A Life Beyond Yesterday. She soon realizes that life outside of Rural Ohio is filled with deceit, danger and, too rarely, kindness. Between falling in love and fighting for her life, she's forced to find a new, stronger version of herself before her world comes crumbling down. 

I have submitted tens of Query Letters to publishers and Agents alike and have received, as expected, a ton of form-letter refusals. But I have also received some constructive feedback and requests for partials that helped me revise and polish both my manuscript and Query Letter. 

I just received my second request from an Editor to read the full Manuscript of A Life Beyond Yesterday!! Candace Clayton, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Eternal Press & Damnation Books, Thank You for your interest in my work!