Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Surprisingly Supernatural, A Peak at Elaina and Zane

     “Wait just a minute,” she said, coming to a jarring halt in the doorway to her bedroom, arms stretched to catch the door frame on either side. “Tell me where you’re taking me or I’m not going anywhere with you. I don’t care how cute you are in those jeans.”
     “You think I’m cute in these jeans?”
     “Of course. Now shut up and tell me where we’re going.”
     “But I can’t—“
     “Yes, yes. You can’t shut up and tell me something. So just spill it already!”
     Zane straightened his shoulders and squared his chin like he was already preparing his defense. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…
     “We’re going to karaoke night. At Peaches.” He tried his best to give her a stern and-there’s-nothing-you-can-do-about-it look but all he managed was pleading-puppy-dog-eyes.
     “You… sing… what?”
     He chuckled. “Very eloquently put. Now please, if you will,” he gestured towards the shower.
     “But I don’t sing!” Don’t wasn’t even the correct word. Can’t was way more accurate. Elaina had actually been tossed out of eighth grade choir for her inability to make a noise in any key other than tone-deaf-flat. She blustered and fumed all the way to the master bath and was still adamantly shaking her head when Zane closed the door right on her sunburned nose.
     “Hurry up, E. We don’t have all night,” he said, his deep voice rumbling through the old wood door.
     “Sing. Karaoke. Who does he think he is? Well he better be ready to work some of that fancy elf magic on me if he thinks I’m gettin’ up there. Everyone else in the place too or there’ll be a riot for sure.” Elaina continued her mumbled rant as she undressed, tossing her sweaty clothes on the linoleum floor. “Wouldn’t mind seeing him sing though. That’d be sexy as hell.” She drew her bottom lip between her teeth as she climbed into the shower and bit down until she felt the sting. Zane up there on the stage, his baritone voice singing some rock ballad. She could pretend he was singing to her… “Yeah, this just might work out okay.”

Surprisingly Supernatural, SJ Drum, Excerpt