Monday, June 6, 2011

Declaring War

Currently Working On: Surprisingly Supernatural, Chapter 9

Words Written Today: 1,000

Interference: 1 grumpy toddler, 1 adorable baby, 1 disgruntled husband

Currently Reading: Thea Harrison's Dragon Bound

I cannot wait for the day I receive a check that fiscally defines me as a writer. It's difficult for me to say "I am a writer" when I have yet to draw income from the pursuit. At least it is hard for me to ask others to accept this, namely my husband. I could argue that as long as I'm dedicating even a miniscule amount of brain power each day to creative fiction that I am, in fact, a writer. Whether I can state that as a profession or not is up for debate.

So, I am declaring war on everything that has morphed together to create my apprehensions and distractions.

This morning I banished my husband... to the Men's Warehouse where he will be fitted for a tux for his best friend's wedding. But hey, at least he will be gone for a few hours. He also has instructions to stop at the driving range on the way home and work out all his frustrations by pummeling a bucket of balls, much like I'll be pummeling his if he doesn't return with less of an attitude!

I'm begging my toddler to keep his pants on, literally, and to stop his ferocious attempts at riding the dog. Flapjack is a Border Collie so yes, he does look about the right size for carrying a 2ft tall person, but I assure you, son, Flapjack does not want his pretty long hair gripped for steering by tiny fists nor does he want to be subjected to the doggy chiropractor after another session of "lets-use-doggy's-spine-as-a-trampoline".

Today, the men in my life are my biggest obstacles to finishing Chapter 9 of Surprisingly Supernatural. In addition I, of course, have dishes to do, laundry to wash and fold, a bathroom that needs cleaning, stairs that need swept, a litter box that needs changed, a world to be saved and dinner to make.

Helpful Nuggets: My daughter obliged by taking a nap. I have not been attacked by any spiders today. I spotted that dead, rotten snake in the garden before I could step on it. And, it is not raining, yet.