Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Men Should Read Romances

It's a fact of life that the majority of men, at least the straight ones, do not read romance novels. They have an unending number of reasons for their refusal and most of them I can completely understand. However, I think it should be mandatory for all men, everywhere, to read at least three steamy romance novels, preferably before their first sexual encounter.

Why? Orgasms.

*Gasp!* I know... I said a dirty word.

But seriously, women would be so much happier and men would have a much easier time of it if they just took a few notes from some great writers such as Lora Leigh, Moira Rogers, Cherry Adair and Anya Bast. Any one of their books will give you multiple, exciting, and sometimes unconventional ways to induce the elusive and much lamented female orgasm. (Disclaimer: I feel I should state that this post is not based on my current personal life.)

Maybe while teachers are passing out condoms in Sex Ed class, they should also be handing out copies of Wicked Pleasure.