Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Trouble with Procrastination Oriented Goals

So... Everything Will Be Awesome Then, Right?

Do you ever find yourself thinking, "Once this happens, I will..."?

I find myself doing this constantly, even when I know it's irrational.
"Once I'm successful, I'll be skinny."
That's a big one. It's been repeating itself throughout my life. First it was "Once I get to Junior High, I'll be skinny." Then it was High School, College, College Graduation... and so on.

Reality is, if I were going to be a size 4, I'd damned well be wearing that size right now. No miracle is going to happen over night that's going to change this.

"Someday, when I'm rich, I'll be super cool."

No, I won't. I could be more fashionable now, if I really wanted. All it would take is digging through my closet for something other than the same pair of jeans I've had for six years and a three-dollar t-shirt. If I'm not doing it now, I won't do it "someday" either. Granted, if I ever get rich, the jeans will be super expensive and the price tag on that t-shirt will probably have a Zero after the 3.

Do you have any procrastination oriented goals?