Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Bound Book Could Kick Your Nook's Ass

Even though I think they are evil and may eventually cause the death of literature and quite possibly the universe, I own a nook.

Thank you, Nook, for being small and offering instant gratification wherever a wireless connection can be found. If I've got the money, I can learn that a book exists, become interested, purchase the book and begin reading in about two minutes.

I don't like that it takes a hundred years to go from "off" to "on" or that the little buttons now have cracks in them from me pushing them so much to turn pages. What? I read. A LOT.

I also don't like that the books I read on the Nook aren't tangible. I can't sit and ogle them and think "Wow, I've read all those books."

I can't shelve them in my house and be reminded of a story or an author I like when I walk by and I can't put them on display as if to say "look at how intellectual and awesome I am for reading all the works by so-and-so and notice how you've never even heard of some of those authors. That's cause you ain't as cool as me."

It's certainly vain, but there it is.

I have a Nook but I still buy paperbacks and hardcovers when I find something I really like because you just can't beat having a tangible copy to fold in your hands, rest in your lap and take up space in your over-stuffed house.

I love the smell of pages of new books. Ink and possibilities. I love the smell of old, used books full of fingerprint history. (God, I hope this book didn't come from someone's bathroom library. But then, that'd be a whole different smell, yes?)

I like that I don't have to charge a paperback and there are no "accessories" that must be purchased along with said paperback.

I know it's illegal in most states, but I like to dog-ear pages. Pushing the "bookmark" button on a screen just isn't the same.

I love that when I sell my book I will be able to point to it and say "Look at that. I made that." and not have to be squished on my sofa pointing to a computer screen and methodically opening "my documents".

I own a Nook but I still use the local Library at least twice a week and still can't pass by a used book store without going inside. I love buying books with interesting bindings and notes from people written in the margins before I was born. Try competing with that, Nook-borg!

So, Nook, this post is for you. I'm giving you a thumbs-up with one hand and flipping you the bird with the other. You're the wise-old pimple on my ass. Uncomfortable, insistent, and because mine is a 1st addition, outdated, but still full of knowledge.

Like it, love it or hate it. Paperback or E-book. The Library or Amazon. You can't beat a great written story for entertainment. Go find some!