Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Vampire

TRUE BLOOD... just stop. There, I said it.

I want to like TRUE BLOOD, I really do. I loved the books. I even liked the first season and was okay with the second. Now, I think I watch it just to punish myself. It's like one of those terrible 50's horror movies that you think the screenwriter must have been trying to make a comedy that just didn't translate.

Not even an abundance of butt-naked Alexander Skarsgard and bare-chested Joe Manganiello can make-up for the turd that is Season Four. ( But Thank You for trying. *sighs*)

The storyline is so freaking far away from anything resembling the books, it's shameful. The crouching-tiger-hidden-vampire fight scene abomination between Bill and the Queen and the ridiculous zombie-faeries make me want to gouge my eyes out with my thumbs so I won't have to see the next disappointment.

I know, I know. Why do I keep watching it if I don't like it? The same reason I keep trying to eat shrimp again and again even though I can't stand the taste. Because I think I should like it.

Lest you think I'm completely evil, I assure you there are plenty of things I do like. The list includes:

  • Puppies I don't have to clean-up after.
  • Sleeping babies.
  • The smell in the aquarium at the zoo. (strange, I know)