Friday, July 1, 2011

She Knows by SJ Drum, A Poem

So I don't do poetry very often but I had this one hidden in the depths of my computer and decided to share.

She Knows by SJ Drum

There are three kinds
Three kinds of doors in my mind
Doors always locked
Caution tape surrounds them
Doors left open, always
Drafts and dust flow freely through them
Doors revolving
Open, closed, open, closed... open

Have you seen me?
Have you seen the new me?
The better me?
The me I'm suppose to be?
I can't find her.

Every once in a while I go
Looking for her
I tear down the caution tape
Bust open the doors
Put padlocks on previously open
Block the revolving doors ajar

Sit and wait.

Where is she?
The me I'm suppose to be?
Have you seen her?

I see her occasionally
She comes and goes
Like a stranger brushing against me on the street
Taking my breath
And holding it
Just for a second

Her face changes, from minute to minute
Year to year
Much like mine

Is she the me, for you I'm suppose to be?
Is she the me I yearn to be?
The me I was?
The me I am?

I put the caution tape back in place
Cut the padlocks and pull the door
She's a warning I think.

Her hair shaggy, sun-stained
Her skin leathery, sun-stained
She moves with an effortless grace
Her wisdom, her soul transcends time

Have you seen her?
The me I'm suppose to be?
She has a smile on her face
When I meet her
She knows something I have yet to find

I saw her once, like I do from time
To time
I held my breath and let her
Walk away
Escaping me