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Interview with Superstar Author DINA RAE

 Interview with Superstar Author DINA RAE

Do you have any rituals when you write? A certain pen to chew on, a particular drink, or something like that?   
  • No, but I always write in longhand for the first draft In a cheap, crappy notebook or looseleaf paper.  Then I usually rewrite the chapter in a nice journal.  I buy them on the cheap at Barnes in the bargain bin.  Then I type it into the computer.  Yes, all of this takes long, but the third time is pretty good and the process gives me ideas for the next chapters.

How do you edit a manuscript? On your computer, by making notes on an e-reader, or do you print out a copy and attack it with a good ‘ole fashioned red pen?  
  • I use grammar check and spell check-anyone who doesn’t is foolish.  But for the things that won’t show up on the computer, like one character is supposed to be in one city but then somehow is back in town without explanation or one character has blue eyes in the beginning of the story but then has brown eyes at the end of the story, etc., I do what Stephen King said to do in his On Writing.  This is a MUST read for all authors-the most helpful and inspirational book I’ve read.  King says that once you are finished with your novel, lock yourself in a room or find solitude without any interruptions and read through the whole manuscript in one sitting.  The fresh eyes and the full attention will get rid of more errors.

If you could send a message back in time to yourself as you’re writing your first book, what would you tell yourself?   
  • Great question!  My first book , The Last Degree, was rewritten several times.  I thought it was ready when it was laced with rookie mistakes, primarily being POV.  Several form letters later, an agent was kind enough to tell me my mistakes.

Do you have a significant other, and if so, do they read your books? What do they think of them? 
  • My husband loves The Last Degree.  He likes Halo of the Damned, but horror is not really his thing.

Who is your favorite character in the book you’re currently promoting? Why? 
  • In Halo of the Damned, my favorite character is Armaros, the fallen angel who runs an advertising empire.  He’s very seductive and has his own ideas about religion.
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