Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tropical Storm StressZilla

My life is a tropical storm of stress right now!

My son has developed a terrible cold resulting in a gross snotty nose that is impossible to keep clean and my daughter decided to take up vomiting as a hobby. I had to rush her to the doctor at 4:30 yesterday afternoon because she's six months old and they couldn't just tell me over the phone to give her fluids. Instead, I had to drive thirty minutes while covered in puke and dragging along a grumpy two year old in addition to the regurgitating baby so the doctor could then, finally, tell me to give her fluids.

Meanwhile, my house is a mess, dishes still have to be done, laundry needs doing but the washer keeps leaking water every time it runs causing me to brave the risk of electrocution in order to transfer the clothes to the dryer. I then cross my fingers that I won't be shocked unconscious while pushing the start button and standing on the recently mopped but still damp floor.

My son has decided potty training isn't for him and is terribly pissed off to be congested with a cold but has found it helps to smear snot in interesting places ... like the remote controls, the sofa, and my shoes. My poor daughter has layered a lovely stench of spoiled milk all around the house with her purging and if that's not enough, I have a terrible sore throat! Normally I'm not one to complain but ... fuck!

I've got a book that needs 15,000 more words to be completed, interviews to fill out and publicity work that needs doing along with the other million things that normally need doing. I feel awful for my kids because they're sick but all I can do is wipe the snotty nose, clean up the vomit, give extra hugs and go on with the day.