Thursday, August 16, 2012

Interview with Author Tony Thorne

Welcome Tony Thorne, Author of POINTS OF VIEW

Author Tony Thorne

Do you have any rituals when you write? A certain pen to chew on, a particular drink, or something like that?
  • No, I really cannot think of anything at all… I just get on with it whatever.

How do you edit a manuscript? On your computer, by making notes on an e-reader, or do you print out a copy and attack it with a good ‘ole fashioned red pen?
  • I use my computer, often with a separate extra window, and then I jump around between the two. I have to confess that this does occasionally confuse me..!

If you could send a message back in time to yourself as you’re writing your first book, what would you tell yourself? 
  • Don’t be discouraged when the rejections arrive… you’ll get there eventually.

Do you have a significant other, and if so, do they read your books? What do they think of them? 
  • I’m English and no good at reading German. My wife is Austrian and not very good at reading English … but she enjoys knowing that other people appear to like what I write.

Who is your favorite character in the book you’re currently promoting? Why?
  • I like young Horace Mayberry, in my novel POINTS OF VIEW.  His outlook on life is how mine should have been, and occasionally is.

Where can we find you online?
  • On my website, is best, but I’m starting now with Twitter, FaceBook, LifeStream, LinkedIn, and everywhere that will have me.

Tony Thorne

Points of View was released by Eternal Press on August 1st

It’s about a blind young Londoner, Horace Mayberry, who gets fitted out with some nanotronic eyes.  They are inherently intelligent and can develop various functions to assist in whatever awkward situations the lad gets into. Horace is a cautious lad, who also occasionally experiences vivid dreams.  He is recruited into a secret government agency as an apprehensive assistant to an experienced agent and embarks on a series of adventures, including being abducted twice by an international gang of crooks. The main villain, Rudolph Beckman, is a billionaire financier who is after the secrets of the laboratory that developed the nanotronic eyes.  He uses a trio of henchmen to do his bidding.
Each risky situation Horace encounters causes his eyes to develop something new, and enables his introvert personality to evolve too.  His dreams become more meaningful as he becomes somewhat impulsive and headstrong. The exciting finale covers an attack by the two agents, backed up by a Spanish SWAT team, on the crooks hideout in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands!