Friday, September 7, 2012

New Romantic Thriller by Tim Smith

 Tim Smith introduces us to his new Romantic Thriller in today's post.

I’m pleased to be Sara’s guest today and to introduce my new romantic thriller, Never Look Back, from eXtasy Books. This is the second in the Nick Seven series I began last year with Memories Die Last but like all of my series titles, this one stands alone.

“Nick Seven and Felicia Hagens left the CIA to carve out an idyllic anonymous life in The Florida Keys. The last thing they wanted was to be used by their former employer as pawns in America’s war on terror. Nick and Felicia navigate a complex maze of intrigue and double-crosses while dealing with a rogue agent from their past who has a score to settle. When Felicia becomes part of the scheme the stakes get higher and more personal. Can Nick keep her out of harm’s way or will he finally be outwitted? Will Felicia stay with him or return to Barbados?”

People have asked me about these characters and why I chose the setting I did. When I conceived the series I needed a place for these former spies to hang out, somewhere colorful where anything could happen but nothing that had been overused. I had recently visited The Florida Keys and asked myself a question – “If I were a former CIA spook who wanted to hide in plain sight, where would I go? Key Largo.” For plot purposes its ideal – Miami is to the north, and Key West is a couple of hours south.  A lot of action can take place on that hundred-mile stretch of islands.

Nick isn’t your typical spy guy action hero like you see on TV or in the movies. He isn’t married to his job like Gibbs on NCIS and he doesn’t ache to get back into the espionage game like Michael Weston on Burn Notice. Nor does he feel an unflagging loyalty to Queen and country like James Bond. Nick had enough and wants to stay the hell out of the game. Unfortunately his former employers have different ideas.

Every good adventure has a sexy tough leading lady for the hero to bounce ideas and one-liners off of and Nick has Felicia, the Barbadian beauty he was once partnered with. He teasingly calls her “the toughest broad this side of the West Indies” but it’s no joke. She can kick ass with the best of them and the heat they generate between the sheets could melt the polar ice cap. Even though the stories are adventure thrillers, there’s a very strong romance at the core and a deep emotional attachment between the two leads.

                                                                        * * * *

Nick got himself a scotch and soda then joined Felicia at his private table on the outdoor deck, one that commanded a view of the Gulf. The setting sun was putting on its nightly show as bursts of orange peeked through the remaining clouds, casting a purplish hue on the bright blue water. This is the best part of the day—each sunset is different than the day before.
He relaxed in his seat, lit a cigarette and enjoyed the light jazz being played by the combo near the outdoor bar. The music smoothed and blended with the chatter of the bar patrons. He sipped his drink and gazed adoringly at her.
“You’re pretty. You know that?”
She glanced down and unconsciously brushed back a strand of her long brown hair. “You keep pilin’ on the compliments and you’ll make me think you want somethin’.”
“Only the same thing you want.” He looked at her for a moment. “Are you really happy here?”
Felicia glanced down and slowly moved her glass in a circular motion on the table. “Yeah, I am. I feel like I have a purpose.”
“What purpose?’
She grinned. “Keepin’ you out of trouble.”
Nick laughed. “Pretty big job. You didn’t have a purpose when you went back to Barbados after you quit The Agency?”
She scoffed. “Hon, manhandlin’ drunks in a waterfront bar wasn’t the kind of career change I had in mind.”
“What did you think of doing?”
She sipped her rum and Coke. “I wasn’t really sure. After everything we did overseas I wanted to get into somethin’ less dangerous but not too borin’. My brother tried talkin’ me into workin’ at the bank with him but I knew that wasn’t for me.”
“I can’t see you as a nine-to-fiver.”
“Me either. Workin’ as a bouncer wasn’t much better, but it kept me in shape and on my toes.” She looked at him for a moment. “It’s you I can’t figure out sometimes.”
“Because you were the original go-to guy when we were in the field, but now you’re content to hang around here catchin’ sunsets.”
“Beats catching terrorists.”
Felicia laughed. “No argument, but I still don’t get it.”
Nick took a drink. “After everything I went through, all the close calls, the double-crosses…and losing my wife because of my job, I made a personal promise.”
“What promise?”
Nick bored into her soft brown eyes. “No more killing.”
“Good philosophy.”

                                                                        * * * *

If you’re in the mood for an adventure with a topical theme, colorful setting and two intriguing characters, then check out Never Look Back. If you get a sudden thirst for a Pina Colada or a desire to book your next vacation in The Keys, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Author bio:

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thriller to contemporary erotic romance. He is also a freelance photographer. When he isn’t pursuing those two passions he can often be found in The Florida Keys, doing research between parasailing and seeking out the perfect Mojito. His website is