Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interview with Author Linda Hays-Gibbs

I'd like to welcome fellow Eternal Press author Linda Hays-Gibbs. She's been kind enough to answer a few questions and provide us with some wonderful info on her newest books. 


Do you have any rituals when you write? A certain pen to chew on, a particular drink, or something like that?
  • Sure, I chew on a pencil now and then but mainly I talk to my parrot.  She answers me back sometimes and tells me she loves me. I have my diet Dr. Peppers and I watch Law and Order. 

How do you edit a manuscript? On your computer, by making notes on an e-reader, or do you print out a copy and attack it with a good ‘ole fashioned red pen? 
  • I read it over and over again and my editor uses track on word.

If you could send a message back in time to yourself as you’re writing your first book, what would you tell yourself? 
  • I would go back and tell myself to not let others stop me from doing my dreams. I should have been writing for many years but my ex husband thought I could do nothing but wait on him.  His new wife never waits on him.

Do you have a significant other, and if so, do they read your books? What do they think of them? 
  • I do not have a significant other. My daughter reads my books and tells me they are good.  I just hope that someone enjoys them. I put my heart into them.

Who is your favorite character in the book you’re currently promoting? Why?
  • My favorite character in "My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls" is Pru because she grows up finally. I know it takes her awhile but she has a lot going on and for her to remain sane is an effort.  I like her.  I also like Pierre.  He adds some spice to the story.

Where can we find you online? 

This review is from: My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

By S (Latrobe, Australia) -

The battlefields rob innocent young Pru of her beloved twin, her Scottish admirer and her future. One day she is a young lady enjoying a ball; all too soon after she is wandering through the carnage seeking two bodies among the multitude. But she is not alone. A great dog howls a dirge, and a half-crazed Frenchman watches Pru with hungry fascination. In the aftermath, Pru returns to a home that is no longer hers, and then moves on to a deserted house. With Knight, the dog whom she has adopted, she tries to overcome her nightmares but again she is not alone.

This sounds as if the story is one of unrelenting misery, but nothing could be further from the truth. Once Pru is over the initial shock and horror, she is a resourceful young woman and she really needs to be. What with the protective Knight, an amorous ghost, assorted demons, vampires and the eponymous angel to deal with, the arrival of a flesh-and-blood Scot is just one more thing. And then there's the Frenchman in Pru's c-- (shhh, that's a spoiler!) Parts of this story made me laugh out loud. It is exquisitely funny in places, and oh-so-sad in others. It never fails to hold my interest. Linda Hays-Gibbs's mind-world is an enchanted and enchanting place. (So, what's the genre? Um... sensual Gothic romance horror comedy Regency will do for starters...)

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls by Linda Hays-Gibbs

“What I said to your brother, lassie, was true. You are the sweetest flower here, and so tiny. I thought you were a dream when I saw you. Your brother looks a lot like you. Do ye be twins?”

“Yes, Your Grace, we are fraternal twins although Mike is so much larger than I am.”

“Well, this be a real funny coincidence. I have a twin too. We are like two peas in a pod, lassie.” He laughed and Prudence lost her heart. His smile radiated with a white brilliance and was so real, especially when she saw the twin dimples in his handsome cheeks. 

The dance was coming to a close and Fearghass steered his catch into the doors that led to the balcony. Pru had no time to protest before he had her hidden behind the door and took her into his arms. She saw his mouth descending to hers as if in slow motion and licked her lips. It was like a dream come true. His lips, hard and smooth, captured hers, stopping the chaos of her mind. Pru’s heart hammered wildly.

Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul

An assassin searches for the woman he is hired to kill but when he finds her, he cannot kill her.  Her beauty astonishes him and he is left immobile.  She captivates his heart and mind and lures him away from the devil with her magical powers. She has lost her memory and does not know she is an angel. She falls in love with this brutal man and is carried away to Scotland.  When she finds her memory, the devil is in her house, literally and she must escape.
Coming in November by Eternal Press