Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tattooed Heroes...Here We Come!

A month away from the release of Sinful Southern Ink on 7-6-2012, part of Ellora's Cave's new Pricked line about tattooed heroes. 30 people already have it marked as "to-read" on Goodreads! Yay! 

Abigail Hart moved to Clifton, Tennessee to escape the stigma of being the daughter of a murderer. To reinvent herself, she left her old name and terrible childhood memories to rot along with the shitty trailer she’d once called home.

When her violent past catches up to her, there’s only one person Abigail can trust with the truth. Too bad he demands her heart—and her body—in the bargain.

Jed Weston is a tall, hard, country boy with dangerous cowboy charm and piercings in all the right places. As Abigail’s partner in her tattoo and piercing shop, he’s kept things between them on a strictly professional level. Seeing her vulnerable, wary, and hurting, opens his eyes to the woman he’s seen only as a friend for so long.

Jed’s jealous ex-girlfriend, a nosy reporter, and a potential father-in-law on death row won’t keep him from the woman who makes him hard at the very sight of her, the woman who provokes every protective instinct within him. Nothing will keep Jed Weston from catching—and keeping—the woman he loves.