Friday, March 30, 2012

My Life, Steampunk'd

I've recently made some subtle (and not so subtle) steampunky changes to the decor in my house...and on my body. Check it out!

One wall in my kitchen, hand-drawn gears and cogs with framed Albertus Sebus Cabinet of Natural Curiosities sea creature prints.

The space above our fireplace, hand-drawn and painted branch w/bird cage and 3D flowers. I used scrapbook supplies to make blue and white silk flowers with brass flowers that look like gears in the center.

My new steampunk shoulder cap tattoo. I took a group of pictures to my artist and had her draw this from scratch. It took three hours in the chair and it's still not complete but looking great all the same. Gears and Cogs, vines, steampunk flowers. Love it.