Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Red Ink

Early yesterday AM I received 248 pages of last-minute edits for my book due out on February 7th. This means I have to go through them all, accept/reject/make changes, as quickly as possible.

Have you ever seen red-inked pages fresh from the desk of an editor? No? Here's an example:

I actually like working under a deadline, I find I'm more productive when pushed along a strict timeline.


2012 is starting off nicely. I've recently signed a contract with Breathless Press to have one of my short stories included in an Anthology. I think I'm close to having SURPRISINGLY SUPERNATURAL under contract and I've got an excellent start on CAGED IN MYTH.

I've also updated my website and will be holding a contest when A LIFE BEYOND YESTERDAY is released and giving away a brand new Kindle Fire! Check back for details on February 7th!