Friday, January 6, 2012

Free Fiction Friday, CAGED IN MYTH

For Free Fiction Friday, I have a small snippet from CAGED IN MYTH (my LGBT YA WIP) to share. 
  • Set up: The supernatural staff of the Bayou Zoo get a dressing-down from management after someone allows one of the deadly, magical creatures to escape.

"Even if some of you believe we will come out of the dark one day, would you have that day be one of bloodshed and terror?”

Vivek paused, seeming to touch each one of us packed inside the too-small meeting room with that intense, yellow gaze.

“Would you have us crawl out into the light of humanity on our bellies, groveling for lenience and peace instead of walking proudly into a new world where we can live openly among humans?”

Vivek’s jaw clenched, the muscle jumping as though he were forcing himself to swallow words he knew shouldn’t be spoken. The room was near silent in the aftermath of his speech, the only sound coming from the tinkling of aquarium gravel being scratched against glass as a red-eared slider turtle dug a divot to nestle down in.

I envied that turtle being able to dig out a spot, to burrow down in a cool, dark space where no one could see.