Monday, October 20, 2014

Health, Hair and Happiness

For those of you who don't know, I've been travelling back and forth to the Cleveland Clinic for the past six months trying to get a handle on some serious health issues and have been diagnosed with Graves Disease and Atypical Hyperthyroidism.

I found two bald spots on my head recently. I know things could be worse and I have a good life but I hated finding yet another reminder that I'm not physically well. I knew it could happen, just like my recent hip injury caused by muscle weakness, but I was hoping it wouldn't. In addition to the seemingly endless list of symptoms I have to deal with, the hormone fluctuations from my thyroid cause my hair to grow where it didn't before and fall out where I want it to grow on my head. I was told months ago I may develop bald spots or patches of thick and thin hair. Like I don't already feel gross enough wearing 40 extra pounds, limping like I'm 65 and sleeping all damn day.

When I found these balding spots I was understandably upset. I've been looking at pictures of women with short hair and trying to psych myself into it while telling myself it would be trendy and cool for the past few weeks, knowing this was a possibility. After finding the thinning spots, I finally cut my hair. The first picture is just after I cut it and you can see where it's balding in a line from the part down and toward the front. The hair on that entire side of my head is also considerably thinner than the left.

I had a good cry, then I decided to stop feeling sad about it, put on some make up, and just rock the hair I have left. There are a lot of things worth crying over but my hair isn't one of them.