Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cool Bookery Objects

3 Piece Hidden Dining Set, looks like a bookshelf when pushed together. Find it here.

Crazy hidden desk... Find it here.

This is from a company called Big Cozy Books. They make giant plush-ish books for seating and climbing.

Book Spines glued to the front of a drawer...

Hidden drawers. I love this!

Tissue box cover made from books. 

Awesome book sculpture. 

This looks cool but I'd be afraid it's a fire hazard. 

DIY Book page shoes? Yes, please! 

Book page wreath with clock center. 

Origami book page flower bouquet! 

I saw this at a flea market. I love the colors.

I made this. Super easy. $3 frame from Goodwill, just removed the ugly print that was inside and spray painted it the color I wanted, then modpodged book pages to a blank canvas, printed a lovely picture of a butterfly on my computer, cut it out and modpodged it onto the book pages, then glued the whole thing to the frame.