Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Rejected

Being a writer is very similar to any and all other forms of artistic expression. A writer exposes their soul for judgment with each offering of their work and must accept that rejection may be the number one response.

The good news is that the entire literary and artistic world is subjective. Where one agent might find you mildly illiterate and extremely boring, another might think it's the best thing they've read since learning how to read.

The bad news is that the entire literary and artistic world is subjective. No matter how great your work is, someone will always dislike it.

The first firing squad faced by writers is always the Query letter submission. Whether you're submitting to Agents or Publishers or both, querying is sure to make you question your sanity ... and the sanity of those rejecting your (no doubt completely awesome) work.

Querying is just like losing one's virginity. Lots of waiting, anticipation and practice. Then swift, harsh disappointment.

You may be turned down by dozens of editors and agents before one bites, but one saying yes is all it takes. J.K. Rowling received dozens of rejections for her first Harry Potter novel.

Here is a wonderful, inspirational article about 30 famous authors who received numerous rejections and blatantly rude critiques.

Moral of this story? Believe in yourself, keep focused and be persistent.